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Meet The Coaches


Coach Mike O.- Black Belt

 Michael is currently ranked as a Rigan and Carlos Machado (via Jamel McCurry and Raymond Trammell) black belt and has been training since 2006. He enjoys teaching and training all ages in the way of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has competed and medaled in both local and out-of-state tournaments such as the Michigan Open, NAGA's in Columbus, Ohio, and the Toledo Open. Michael has also fought to a draw in an amateur MMA bout. He enjoys living the BJJ lifestyle, while teaching, and training all ages to do the same. Additionally, he has been married to his lovely wife for over eleven years and has two young children. He received his Masters Degree from the University of Illinois and has been teaching middle school visual art for over eighteen years.


Coach Ryan- Brown Belt

 Ryan has twelve years experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He received his brown belt from Derek Divozzo, who is a black belt under Rigan Machado. Ryan also received his purple belt from Jamel McCurry and Raymond Trammell/under Rigan Machado. Ryan has two years experience instructing kids BJJ classes out of Trammell's Martial Arts. He also is employed with over twenty years experience as a professional electrician. 


Coach Kyle.- No Gi/MMA Purple Belt

 Kyle has over eight years experience training both No Gi and Wrestling. Started his formal training three years ago under Jay Jodin, a Tim Burrill affiliate. Kyle spent eleven years in the United States Naval Submarine service where he completed missions vital to national security, and instructed at Naval Submarine School earning his Master Training Specialist certification from the Department of Defense. He also has been married for thirteen years, and has two little boys.


Coach Ben- Wrestling/ BJJ Blue belt

 Ben was a state qualifier and co-captain for the Marysville wrestling team in 2000 and coached wrestling for the Marysville recreation department. Ben was assistant coach for the St. Clair Middle School wrestling team. Ben has participated in numerous wrestling camps and seminars and loves to share his knowledge with others. Ben has recently graduated from Eastern Michigan University with his bachelor's in science of technology management and has been a manager in the automotive industry for the past ten years. Ben is married with two children who enjoy being on the mats.


Coach Rikki- HIIT Devil Workout/Personal Training

Rikki is a Certified NASM Personal Trainer with over 3 years experience training people at various fitness levels ranging from athletes to elderly. She coaches in both one on one training sessions, as well as group training sessions. She is a practicing Jiu Jitsu athlete and is the head trainer running the JitsFit high intensity interval training class. She has been married to her husband, Coach Kyle, for 14 years and they have two little boys, and she is the sister to Coach Ryan.

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